General - FAQ

A. You can Find a Dealer here. Select the location by either the zip code or state. If you are not familiar with any shops listed, feel free to contact us at the factory.

A. We are open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Malaysia time, and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. Our phone number is +6 04-537 2930, and fax is +6 04-537 2933. We can also be reached by email at [email protected]

Becoming a Dealer

A. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or retailer of our products and are not located in Malaysia, contact us at [email protected] with the following information:

Name & brief description of the business
Contact name, phone number, e-mail & address (including country)
Type of Business
Retailer (physical building)
E-commerce (internet store)
Both retailer & E-commerce

Do you have a someone at your company that is English speaking?
Length of time as an operational business
Expected annual sales
Percentage of annual sales that are currently fishing tackle
A listing of fishing tackle brands currently sold by your business

Catalog, Product Listings

A. The BOSSNA product catalog is available exclusively online as an E-Catalogue for your convenience.


A. Using a spinning reel Is generally thought to be much easier to learn than baitcast and has more control features than a spincast model. It is possible to develop techniques in accuracy and distance that rival baitcast users. The spool does not move during a cast, so you are able to use lighter lures than baitcast reels. Most spinning reels give you a left or right hand retrieve option.

A. If on a saltwater trip, simply rinse the reel in freshwater after each day on the water. When you get back home rinse the reel in running lukewarm water, and take a toothbrush to the 90-degree angles i.e. foot, counterweight, handle, etc.

A. Line is released from a stationary spool by flipping a bail wire. The weight of the lure propels the line forward. Spinning reels hang below the rod and come in sizes from ultra light to monster (large) size for deep sea fishing.

A. All good spinning reels have an anti-reverse feature. This feature stops the rotor from reversing directions. Without the anti-reverse the spool could spin in either direction, letting the line un-spool off the reel. Always set the anti-reverse after a cast to be ready for reeling in after the first bite.

A. Every component of our reels is engineering made by Japan

A. To put line on your BOSSNA spinning reel place the reel in the reel seat on the rod. Take your spool of line (for recommended weights please refer to your reel owner’s manual) and run the line through the smallest guide at the tip, then through all of the guides toward the reel. Tie the line onto the spool with the bail in the open position (there is no bail on the baitcasting reel), pull on your line to assure that your knot is secure and then close the bail. After the bail is closed, rotate your handle away from you until you have spooled up the desired amount of line. For best results, place a pencil in the center of the spool and have a friend hold either end of the pencil securing the spool while you are filling the spool on your reel.

Rod - FAQ’s

A. Begin close to home. Whether you live along the coast or are visiting for the weekend, look for a species that is easy to catch at a place that is easy to access. Consider hiring a professional guide to show you the ropes or stop by a local tackle shop and ask for advice. As you master one type of fishing, expand your horizons to cover other species.

A. Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams – they’re all great places to find fish. Bays and estuaries contain a mixture of fresh water and salt water, so they’ll have a mix of freshwater and saltwater fish.

A. Five factors contribute to fish behavior: water temperature, current, weather, structure and bait. Determining what combinations of these factors will trigger a bite is the central challenge in fishing.

A. The action of the rod can be best described as the strength or lifting power required to move a fish. The action for each rod is
created by analyzing its application, environmental conditions, and fishing style. Each of our series of rods is created with various
blends of materials and rated independently such that the Medium Heavy action freshwater rod will feel different than the Medium Heavy action of a saltwater rod.

A. The Taper of a rod describes where it flexes during the cast and on the retrieve. The taper, in combination with the materials and components, determines how a rod performs. A rod with an Extra Fast taper flexes closest to the tip. As the taper descends from Extra Fast to Medium, the flex descends through the rod blank towards the butt section. The design of each taper is custom to a particular fishing application. BOSSNA takes into consideration such variables as angle preferences, a variety of personal styles, and the presentation and performance of your lure on the delivery and retrieve. These variables can be optimized when the proper taper is combined with the proper lure.

Service FAQ’s

A. Yes; a receipt from an Authorized BOSSNA Retailer* is a requirement for BOSSNA warranty claims. Claims without a receipt will not be accepted.

A. You can order parts by phone or by mail. You may pay by credit card, check or money order.

A. No, BOSSNA’s limited 1 year warranty covers non-conformance determined to have occurred during the manufacturing and/or design process. Damages determined to have occurred due to neglect, accident, or normal wear and tear are not covered under the limited warranty, but may be serviced for a specific fee.

A. The average turnaround time for warranty and chargeable repair once payment is received is approximately 14-21 working days.

A. No, BOSSNA does not offer any upgrade options for our products. If you purchased an item (apparel or parts) directly from us then we can exchange this item with another item of equal or lesser value. The item must still be in new and unused condition, and all tags and receipts must be included to process an exchange.