We appreciate your position as a retailer when confronted by the consumer therefore, a fair and implementable returns policy is required for all to benefit. In an effort to improve our After Sales Service to you and your customer we ask you to adhere to the following procedures. BOSSNA, will within one year from date of purchaserepair or replace (as it option: labour, shipping chages) free of charge, the product movement if it has a  manufacturing defect. This Warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, broken and merchandising. In order to be valid, this certificate must be fully completed and signed by an authorized BOSSNA dealer. Warranty automatically void if this card is broken, lost or warranty seal is damaged. So please keep your proof of purchase in a safe place since you will need to provide a copy of it to file a claim at any time during the warranty period. However, we will do anything possible to help you.
* Above agreement may be varied or changed without prior notice.


Emphasise to customers that they should return reels to BOSSNA. Reels requiring warranty work should be sent postage prepaid to BOSSNA factory service department.

Please follow these instructions when returning reels for warranty repair.

(a) Do not remove parts. Enclose proof of purchase and a statement of warranty claim with nature of the problem. Also, please list the model name and number of reel, and your return address.

(b) To protect against loss or damage in transit, your reel should be carefully shipping receipts.