About Our Company

Exquisite technology! Perfect quality! From 2010, BOSSNA Tackle already have this direction to develop. Since our Japanese technology, perfect quality and customer support, in 2016, we have step by step into the international arena level. (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Korea and China) also have a good sales volume. To win the satisfaction of our customers, we faithfully abide by Japanese principles of Craftsmanship-Adhere to quality, technology and aesthetic innovation and the last is Bossna carry spirits, in just seven years, we have developed a lot of different kind of products (including: reel, rod, lures, swivel and line, etc).


Adhere to the product in perfect quality, every stage in the development process of strict quality control, field testing Machinery, professional anglers continue to test to make sure there will be no mistakes and play 100% quality production process.


BOSSNA style Bold and innovative, most senior executives once said: if product not innovate, that mean is not in advances. So today Bossna are constantly seeking a breakthrough innovation unique fashion styles and techniques the breakthrough is  bound to push the visual and tactile products to another level, each Bossna products are carefully crafted


Day by day, a product developed by the BOSSNA technical division, machine testing and professional anglers’ evaluation is the best. This is what we carry conviction Bossna implement the belief that every product is to have a technician never give up spirit and sturdy products to complete their task and get a perfect product never seen before, and we will continue to provide better products to help you.

Finally, we believe that our products can meet your needs, thank you for taking the time to visit our website.